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Consult us ONLINE

For non-urgent signs and symptoms*, you may get a neurologic or psychiatric opinion on your condition at the comfort of your own home.

NON URGENT is defined as a condition that does not warrant immediate medical attention, wherein a medical opinion can be scheduled at a convenient time.

If you feel that your condition does not fit the above definition, then you may consult ON-SITE or you may proceed to the nearest hospital or emergency room.

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Is online consultation GOOD for me?

If any of the above does not fit you, then you may opt for an actual clinic consult, or a visit to the hospital emergency room in cases that need immediate medical attention. 

Is online consultation ENOUGH for me?

What are the steps in online consultation?

Step 1

Book an appointment via the link above

Step 2

Await for confirmation and instructions for online payment

Step 3

Pay professional fee and await for confirmation of appointment

Step 4

Prepare yourself (or the patient, if not you) during schedule

Your doctor will heavily rely on your conversation and a LIMITED visual evaluation of your condition which can affect the overall quality of diagnosis compared to actual physical consults 

PHYSICAL evaluation is not possible with an online consult hence in cases where such examination is needed, an actual clinic visit is recommended and preferred

A stable internet connection ensures uninterrupted discussion with your doctor, which is not possible in a slow or erratic data connection

While confidentiality is secured on your doctor's end, this cannot be the same with you especially if family members are around your house during the consult. You will need to create your own private space.

What i'm feeling is

I have a computer or smartphone with a webcam, speaker, microphone and a stable internet connection

I am capable and willing to transact via online payment options

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